International shipping services throughout the Caribbean and Jamaica.

We cater to all your shipping needs.

We have our own agents in Jamaica and the Caribbean

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Welcome to Quality One International Shipping Express Corp!

We are one of the leading international freight shipping companies in the Lauderdale Lakes, FL, and are also one of the most affordable vehicle shipping companies in the area.

We offer comprehensive international shipping services to Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. Whether you need to ship barrels and boxes or vehicles and fragile cargo in the Caribbean, you can rely on Quality One International Shipping to take care of your shipping needs.

We are Fully Licensed and Insured

We Have Extensive Experience in the Industry

Weekly sailing to Montego Bay and Kingston

Cargo Handles By Competent Experts

How Do We Do It?

“The amateurs discuss tactics: the professionals discuss logistics.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

We Have the Expertise

Shipping to Jamaica and the Caribbean is our specialty. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry is second to none. Our freight specialists are well-versed in the smallest details when it comes to shipping to Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. The result of our experience and well-placed resources is that we offer the fastest travel times to Kingston and Montego Bay, as well as some of the cheapest freight shipping rates in the state.

Pickup Services

We offer pick-up services in the following locations:

  • New York City
  • Westchester
  • Boston
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania

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Why Choose Us?

Quality One International Shipping offers the best shipping services for the Caribbean and Jamaican region, but there are other reasons why our customers choose us time and again. Some of these include:


Comprehensive shipping services


Free estimates for returning residents


Experienced professionals and top-notch service


Quick and reliable

Wide range of cargo shipped, e.g., barrels, crates, motor vehicles, appliances, furniture, containers etc.