Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Shipping Overseas

Shipping Overseas

Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Shipping Overseas

If you’re a manufacturer, or own an e-commerce business that delivers products all around the world, international and local shipping is a big part of your business. Sometimes, a few minor mistakes—either on your part or the customer’s—may lead to you paying thousands of dollars; a massive blow for any small business!

Read through this blog to find and avoid costly shipping errors that could be the reasons why your shipping charges are hitting the roof:

Not researching shipping laws

The rules and regulations of shipping products vary from area to area and country to country. Always research duties and taxes related to your shipment in the destination country to avoid excess customs charges or confiscation.

Incorrectly Packing Shipments

Whether your package is being shipped through the sea, the air or by land, it is essential that your packages be tightly sealed and well-packed to ensure they arrive at their destination safe and sound. Avoid reusing cardboard boxes, especially for fragile items like glassware, and seal all seams: top, bottom and all sides. Forgetting this could result in damaged or broken goods reaching the customer, which could negatively impact the reputation of your brand.

Packing Shipments

Guesstimating Weight and Costs

Extra fee may be charged if the shipment weight you have specified does not match the actual weight of the shipment. Your shipment will always be re-weighed once it reaches the place of departure, so it is always better to get a definite number on the weight of your products rather than guessing it.

Similarly, even if you are strapped for time, researching the costs for each weight group and container size could help you avoid some nasty shocks later.

Shipping to the Wrong Address

This happens more often than you can think of! Double and triple check whether you’ve put down the correct place of landing on the official Ocean Bill of Lading. Many times, an incorrectly labeled package can arrive at the wrong destination, making tracking it down and getting it to the correct location time and money consuming.

Not Using an Agent

International shipping companies like Quality One International Shipping Express have been in the business for a long time, and are likely to know of the technicalities, laws and regulations of both the country of origin and destination better than you. Hiring an agent to handle the essentials can save you a massive amount of time and hassle and also leaves less room for error.

We are licensed and fully insured general freight exporters, offering high-quality and reliable shipping services to locations across America and the Caribbean Islands at highly affordable rates.

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