Myth Busting: International Shipping Edition

International Shipping

Myth Busting: International Shipping Edition

When you think of international shipping, do you imagine it being dominated by huge global enterprises? That’s not the case at all. 98% of US exporters are actually small or medium-sized businesses.

That’s just one of the many myths that surround the international shipping industry. Many people are still in the dark regarding the shipping costs, customs, risks, etc. While these are all important factors, the myths surrounding them aren’t always true.

For instance, many online businesses think that exporting is a risky proposition but did you know companies that export are more profitable than those that don’t? With all the latest technology at our disposal, the face of international shipping has changed rapidly.

So without further ado, let’s debunk some of the most common myths associated with international shipping!

Export Is Complicated

The idea that international export is too complicated is a thing of the past. Yes, there is paperwork involved but it’s not nearly as much as people think it is. For instance, the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement has played a vital role in making the customs process easier.

In fact, it has reduced the import times by as much as 47%. The paperwork involved is minimal and the process is made easier when you hire an export company that can handle the document preparation process for you.

For instance, when you ship with Quality One International Shipping Express, you can delegate the document preparation to us!

Quantity Decides the Shipping Charges

The number of products you’re shipping has nothing to do with the shipping charges you’ll have to pay. It’s all down to the weight and size since in most case the dimensions of your package are the deciding factor.

Most of the best international freight companies offer accurate estimates before you even start the shipping process. In fact, you can get a free quote from Quality One International Shipping right now!

Shipping Heavy Equipment Is Costly

You’re mistaken if you think heavy equipment isn’t shipped globally on a regular basis. Apart from companies shipping out heavy equipment such as cars, boats, trucks, and trailers, relocating residents do it too!

For instance, if you’re looking to relocate from the US to Jamaica, our services are perfect for you! Shipping heavy equipment is not as costly as you might be thinking. Plenty of shipping services offer freight forwarding at very cheap rates.

At Quality One International Shipping, we offer the most comprehensive international shipping services from the US to Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean at affordable rates! We can handle huge and heavy freight export; get in touch with us now!

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