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Barrel Shipping Procedures and Prohibited Items

When shipping to the Caribbean or Jamaica, barrel shipping is a popular and common procedure. It’s ideal for shipping heavier goods as you can fill barrels to the brim without any risk of loss.

However, in order to ensure safety during barrels export, there are certain restrictions placed on what can and cannot be shipped. And certain rules and considerations that everyone must adhere to. Let’s discuss these prohibitions and regulations.


Commercial Freight Shipping

Quality One International Shipping understands the importance of quality shipping for your business. Our complete and comprehensive freight shipping solutions will deliver your goods safely to all nations in the Caribbean, and will also ensure that they clear customs without any hindrances.

We specialize in the Jamaica and Caribbean region, and have extensive experience in ensuring that your cargo is delivered as quickly as possible.

Door To Door Shipping Service

Door- to-Door Services

Quality One International Shipping provides door-to-door delivery services in Kingston and Montego Bay. There is a complex process that goes behind the seemingly simple pick, ship and delivery process.

Dealing with customs clearance, managing different loads, handling sensitive cargo and navigating through the maze of regulations effectively is what makes us the best at what we do. And we make it look so seamlessly simple when we’re at it.


Personal Shipments

Shipping is fraught with complex rules and regulations. That is an open secret. But being aware of this fact doesn’t solve the problem of getting your care packages and gifts through to your loved ones overseas.

Quality One International Shipping, a general freight exporter company, also doubles as a personal shipper to Jamaica and the Caribbean.