Door-to-Door Services

Door-to-Door Services

Quality One International Shipping provides door-to-door delivery services in Kingston and Montego Bay. There is a complex process that goes behind the seemingly simple pick, ship and delivery process. Dealing with customs clearance, managing different loads, handling sensitive cargo and navigating through the maze of regulations effectively is what makes us the best at what we do. And we make it look so seamlessly simple when we’re at it.

Our door-to-door delivery service is fast and reliable. We are well-versed with the shipping regulations, and our agents at the other end have extensive local knowledge. We have exceptional, established relations with couriers and related personnel, which ensures that your cargo will receive VIP service at each step of the process and will be delivered in time, at the right address, intact.

What You Get From Us

With Quality One International Shipping, you receive quick, reliable and convenient door to door service. You can have your shipments delivered right where you specify. When hiring our services, you can expect:

  • Both full and half container load services
  • Our agents in Kingston and Montego Bay to take care of all your clearance needs
  • Our agents to take care of all the transportation needs

Things To Keep In Mind When Using Door-To-Door Service

To make the process as stress-free as possible, there are some things that you should keep in mind when hiring our services. These will make sure that your shipment does not face any unexpected bottlenecks.

  • The door-to-door barrels should only include food, clothing and other personal items. NO appliances.
  • Monetary value of the major items in the barrel must be stated clearly.
  • Include the full shipping address in the Caribbean, complete with the street, Parrish and Town
  • Include the name and contact information (working phone) of the recipient so that they can be informed of the delivery beforehand.

Important note: Quality One International will not be held liable for any missing items once you have signed the declaration form.

Why Choose Quality One International Shipping?

Extensive Local Knowledge

Shipping to Jamaica and Caribbean is our specialty. We’re extremely good at it. We have intensive knowledge about the local regulations and procedures and can prepare beforehand to get through them easily.

Experienced Professionals

Your cargo will not be met with baffled agents who don’t know how to handle minor or major setbacks that are a part of working through the maze of shipments. Our experts are able to handle any situation with the finesse that comes from years of working in the industry.

Fast Services

Because we have worked out the kinks in every step of the door-to-door delivery process, the entire shipment process is fast and efficient.

If you’re interested in door-to-door delivery in the Caribbean, Quality One International Shipping can take care of it with minimum hassle. Please feel free to talk to our experts today at 954-530-3997.