What You Need To Know About Freight Export to the Caribbean

Freight Export to the Caribbean

What You Need To Know About Freight Export to the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is a lucrative export market for the US; the region imports up to $20 billion of the US products on a yearly basis.  In fact, it’s the third biggest importer of US goods in Latin America; only behind Mexico and Brazil.

Since the Caribbean and the US are tied together by geography, culture, and history, the two are natural commercial partners. Other than being in close proximity, the existence of Free Trade Agreements is another great motivator for trade between the two stakeholders.

However, before you start freight export to the Caribbean, there are some variables you should be familiar with; for instance, market access conditions, rules and regulations, etc. So without further ado, let’s talk about what to know before exporting to the Caribbean!

Export to the Caribbean: Rules and Regulations

If you’re going to be shipping goods to the Caribbean, awareness of the rules and regulations is a must. For instance, before your goods can be exported, you’ll need an approval from the Government Certifying Authority. Moreover, a Certificate of Origin is also required.

The documentation process associated with exporting to the Caribbean can be overwhelming. One way to deal with it is to hire an international shipping company that specializes in exports to the Caribbean.

Quality One International Shipping Express—shipping and freight service company based in Florida—specializes in nationwide freight and auto transportation, and internationally exporting of heavy equipment like boats, car, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers. With a network of agents throughout the Caribbean, the company will make the international shipping process smoother.

Export to the Caribbean: Market Access Conditions

Market access conditions refer to variables such as customs, free trade agreements, tariffs, as well as non-tariff barriers. In short, these are the things that can restrict your access to the market or create hurdles in your shipping process.

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For instance, you may be hit with an unexpected tariff or customs may hold your shipment.

Quality One International Shipping Express has extensive experience when it comes to freight export to the Caribbean. Being fully familiar with all the minute details of the process, Quality One makes the entire process effortless and straightforward for you.

Whether you’re a business looking to export to the Caribbean or simply a relocating resident, get in touch with us. Moreover, you can also get a free quotation right now!

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